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Back to school today

Posted by goleafs87 on October 11, 2006

 So it’s back to normal now I guess you could say.. Starting to feel back in the grove after having a nice long weekend off I mean they are nice but it seems to take me a while to get back on track once the weekend is over

 Not a whole lot going on right now though I was awake at five in the morning cause I couldn’t sleep, tried to get my SO into sex last night but as is normally the case she was too tired or just didn’t feel like it either way I didn’t get any. Guess that could be why I woke up early this morning I was having a pretty erotic dream and some girl I didn’t know, or see for that matter was giving me the best BJ of my life! I was seconds away from the promised land and then I woke up! Can’t even cum in my dreams lol.

 I feel kinda run down today I hope I’m not going to get sick, there is a nasty cold going around here and a lot of people are away sick. I hate being sick personally I just feel gross and I get all grumpy and it’s just not a fun time all around.. Running out of things to talk about right now so if something comes to mind later I’ll post, otherwise I’ll see you tomorrow, have to get the little one off to Preschool


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So bored tonight

Posted by goleafs87 on October 11, 2006

 I’m so bored tonight, nothing to do but a lot to do at the same time, I’ll do a full posting tomorrow afternoon. Was a pretty quite day today just getting caught up on rest after the Thanksgiving long weekend up here in Canada!

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Holiday Monday

Posted by goleafs87 on October 9, 2006

Hi again,

 Funny that I can write about things here that I can’t talk about with other people I know in my real life. It’s like I can post my deepest darkest thoughts here and if you read them fine, if you don’t like em I don’t care. Anyway yesterday was Thanksgiving dinner for my family (Brother, his girlfriend, and my girlfriend and I guess you could say step kids) It was good as always my mom did a kick ass job on everything and no one went away hungry that’s for sure I don’t think I’ll need to eat for a week! It was sort of strange though cause my brother and his partner wouldn’t talk to any of us until after dinner was almost over, she sat there doing her knitting and he sat on the computer how rude is that?

 I called my OW the other day but she wasn’t free to help me out as she had things she had to do, I kind of think that the affair might be ending anyway since we are growing apart more and more each time we talk.. I don’t know if I’ll look for another or what, I mean my relationship with my SO isn’t bad sure we have the odd fight but what couple doesn’t? My problem at the time was that she wasn’t very sexual with me anymore and I missed that, more then anything I was tired of being rejected and so I started masturbating with thinking of other women and one thing leads to another, I guess you would say it came down to I was feeling lonely and I’m ok with being alone but I’m not ok with being lonely if that makes sense?

 Anway it’s just after 7 a.m here and the kids are up so I’ll post more later if something big and earth shaking happens, other wise see you tomorrow!

 Oh N Korea tested it’s first Nuclear device today, nothing left to do but put my head between my legs and kiss my sorry ass goodbye now

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Hi all

Posted by goleafs87 on October 7, 2006

Hi all and welcome to my little section of the cyber space world! My name is Mike and I’m a nineteen year old University student working on my early childhood education degree at a local university.

I’m just your normal everyday kinda guy I suppose but like everyone I have some things that I need to work out lol (That’s a understatement) Lets see I have a girl friend who I have been with for just over a year now but I have a problem, you see I also have a mistress, it wasn’t planned and it’ s not even anything on a physical level it’s all done by phone. But dammit this other girl is just so hot! I mean I’m normally a fairly in control kind of guy so when I met this girl and she took control and made me beg and moan it was like a instant connection, she makes me do thinks my g.f never has and would never do.. Go ahead, call me evil if you must. But I can’t help it this other girl just has me so hooked I’m helpless! And if it’s all done via the phone is it really cheating?

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