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Slow Saturday

Posted by goleafs87 on October 21, 2006

 I’m in a very agitated mind frame for some reason that I can’t put my finger on. Every Time one of my step daughters so much as makes a sound today all I want to do is scream and run away from them which isn’t normally like me at all, guess it could be that they are so needy all the time. We have a saying around this house it’s always “Whine bitch moan, whine bitch moan” And that pretty much sums up what they are like today from the moment they got up this morning we have a birthday party tonight so they better well both stop it or the only place they will be going is bed!

 Have more cleaning up to do around here today perhaps that’s another reason why I’m feeling the way I am. I’m getting sick of the kids being done using something and having them just drop it wherever the hell the want! The three year old you could almost understand why she is like that since she’s pretty young to know any better but the six and a half year old is just a lazy kid pure and simple.. Well either that or she has no independence, I’m trying to get her mom to help me teach her some since she is almost seven and still needs mommy to wipe her face after eating.. I mean who at seven didn’t know how to wipe their face?

 Other then that I guess I don’t have a whole lot to say today other then I’m feeling so grrish maybe later today or tonight will be better, my SO is home Sunday, Monday so that makes blogging hard but I’ll see what I can do


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Friday’s here

Posted by goleafs87 on October 20, 2006

 Friday again how fast the time goes by. Another busy weekend this weekend I have a child’s birthday party to attend tomorrow night and I have to drop off my oldest step daughter at a sleep over tonight. Yesterday I blogged about No wrong answers at my step daughters school in grade one and how badly she was doing at spelling, I said I was expecting another low score but to my surprise she got four out of ten. Not a pass but still slowly getting there and the ones she didn’t get she was only a letter or so off or the letters where in the wrong order so maybe it’s not a lost cause yet

 I think I made a mistake last night I took OW2 that I might be getting some feelings for her and her response was basically “Oh wow” And then that was the last I heard of her for last night, I’m thinking I made a mistake cause she is in a marriage that she loves, she has kids and has no plans of leaving her H and I’m not asking her too in fact I don’t even know why I told her that. Sort of hoping that she’ll make contact with me so that I can make sure everything is ok between us.

 With events in Iraq the way they are I actually have to wonder if any Americans here are Pro Bush? Things are just such a mess over there as much as the Bush crew seem to have their heads in the sand Electoral Vote is a good site for keeping track of polls though it seems to lean Anti Bush so take it for what it is. Just watching the news this morning and watching how Iraq is going to hell in a hurry and then seeming Bush sitting there doing his “Stay the course” Speech just makes me so fucking sick and no I don’t have a plan on how to exit, I wouldn’t have gone in in the first place..

Anyway I’ll ttyl

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No right or wrong answers ???!!!

Posted by goleafs87 on October 19, 2006

It was a early morning today, had to get the girls up to go to the Dentist today and then had to run my oldest step daughter back to school so she could be there for at least part of the morning classes. I’m starting to worry about her a bit and how she’s doing in school I am starting to see some of the early signs of ADD I have been working with her trying to get her spelling going  but she’s just awful and while it’s horrible to say that about a child in this case it’s true, I sit there for hours with her telling her to spell a word as simple as “Fast” Or “Slab” And it’s like pulling teeth and of course the longer it goes on the more bored she gets and the more frustrated I get and her spelling tests scores reflect the lack of spelling ability and since she has another spelling test today I expect another low mark today. One thing I really object too is that this being her first year in school the teacher told the class there is no right or wrong answer when doing a test, I can’t imagine how a teacher would say that! No right or wrong answer? So if I spell “Fast” “Fosue” It’s right? What a fricking ridiculous thing to say! Especially to a group of young children who now when you try to correct them throw back at you “But dad, there is no wrong answer” Of course there is it’s called life. Wonder what my Prof would say if I had in a report in Childhood Psychology on the Great Depression when it was supposed to be on depression in children and I told him there is no wrong answer? 

 Other then that not a lot going on today really it’s kind of a blah day but now as I sit looking out my living room window I see blue sky and the sun trying to make a appearance this afternoon, looks like it might be a nice day after all. Just going to be a day of cleaning the house and doing the laundry I think since I have very little on my plate for today hell I might even get a chance to read today! Wow that would be something I haven’t done in a while

 OW2 is not able to be around today and I miss her a lot I hope she knows that I am thinking about her alot and how much I truly do miss her. I don’t know what it is about her that just knocked me off my feet so fast I wish I did so I could explain it here or hell even to myself but I have no clue where it came from. Just a while ago in the shower I got in a nice masturbation session while thinking of her and my god was it good, hardest longest orgasm I’ve had in a while!

 Anyway I’m rambling now so I’ll go ttys

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The Sleepover club

Posted by goleafs87 on October 14, 2006

 Saturday, the day of the big sleepover is here and already I think it’s going to suck monkey’s nuts. Once again today our little one comes down stairs at four in the morning complaining that she can’t sleep. So I get kicked out of bed so she can hop in with mom, my ear is pounding and throbbing and my SO wakes up in a crappy mood cause she didn’t get any sleep, story of my life she’s more and more of the time more concerned about how things effect her then anyone else. What I need is a good orgasm, I find that really does relieve my stress level when things aren’t going well but the problem is finding the time to get a quickie in and of course the clean up after wards makes that a little less possible.

 I have no idea what I’ll be doing with the kids either today since the weather seems to have turned we were having a nice long Indian summer with temps into the high 70’s with a few 80’s but now today when I wake up it’s foggy and damp and just adds to my impending sense of doom lol. And to make things extra sucky my cell phone will no longer charge, it starts to charge and then stops and then when I take it off the charger it drops to two bars or less of battery life (It’s only about six months old) So you see when it’s not one thing it’s about ten others!

 That’s it for now I’ll see about a update later in the day

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