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Monday, Monday

Posted by goleafs87 on October 23, 2006

Monday’s here again the weekend was pretty good actually the sleepover and the party went well on Saturday night and while yesterday was pretty much lost with running around and shopping it was still a pretty good weekend.

The other night I had a dream about OW2, it involved my favorite fantasy of CFNM she was wearing a tight t shirt and and short denim blue jean skirt showing off her great set of legs and her wonderful ass, just looking at her got me so hard hard I felt like I might bust. Anyway I had just gotten out of the shower and I was wet and in the process of getting dried off when in she walks and offers to help me out a bit, of course I’m unable to resist and I let her.. Starts simply enough with her actually drying me off but then she moves to my cock and starts stroking me in nice long slow strokes god it felt good! In no time she has me down on my bed giving me a wonderful hj and a prostate message at the same time (Something that I have never, ever had) The feeling was amazing looking for at her and looking at her looking back up at me with a smile on her face knowing full well that she had me where she wanted me and that I wouldn’t be able to take it for long! I woke up after having a very very intense orgasm yup wet dreams strike again lol.

Chilly out this morning but it’s nice out and there is a real feel of fall in the air! My youngest step daughter is watching fricking Christmas show already and it’s not even Halloween yet! Talk about rushing things huh? I already got their lists for Santa and I have to mail them (Well ok not really but you know)

 Anyway I should go since my SO is on her way home from dropping off the oldest at school, will see if I get a chance to post more later, I hope I will since I want to talk about how happy I am the OW2 is home!


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Back to school today

Posted by goleafs87 on October 11, 2006

 So it’s back to normal now I guess you could say.. Starting to feel back in the grove after having a nice long weekend off I mean they are nice but it seems to take me a while to get back on track once the weekend is over

 Not a whole lot going on right now though I was awake at five in the morning cause I couldn’t sleep, tried to get my SO into sex last night but as is normally the case she was too tired or just didn’t feel like it either way I didn’t get any. Guess that could be why I woke up early this morning I was having a pretty erotic dream and some girl I didn’t know, or see for that matter was giving me the best BJ of my life! I was seconds away from the promised land and then I woke up! Can’t even cum in my dreams lol.

 I feel kinda run down today I hope I’m not going to get sick, there is a nasty cold going around here and a lot of people are away sick. I hate being sick personally I just feel gross and I get all grumpy and it’s just not a fun time all around.. Running out of things to talk about right now so if something comes to mind later I’ll post, otherwise I’ll see you tomorrow, have to get the little one off to Preschool

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