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My mind is blank

Posted by goleafs87 on October 18, 2006

 I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already wow the week just flies by these days, I’m kinda bummed out today though cause OW2 is going away for a while and I won’t have contact with her until she gets back sometime this weekend. I don’t know what it is about her I really can’t explain it even to myself I mean I just am starting to get to know her and already we have a bond it’s like wow where the hell is this coming from ? Totally unexpected

 It’s raining today and it’s just a blah day so far I had to stop taking the antibiotics for my ear infection because I was having a reaction to them and I guess it’s not a good think to stop taking the meds before they are all gone because the infection can come back stronger and with a resistance to the meds but I was miserable while I was taking them so I figured a pain in the ear was better than me being a pain in the ass..

 The things that go through my head really makes you wonder about me I know but laying in bed this morning I got thinking about what turns me on sexually, like a lot of men I suppose the idea of two women going at it is a huge turn on for me personally I came upon this site the other day chickfight ( Not for those who don’t like naked women lol ) And it just got me so hard I don’t know what was sexier in my mind the idea of lesbian sex or the idea of a woman dominating another using just her sexual abilities to do it.. I know the site is more fantasy as I doubt anyone actually has a “Sexfight” But still a interesting site ..

 Anyway that’s it for now


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Weekend sucked, was also good

Posted by goleafs87 on October 16, 2006

 So the sleepover on Saturday night went really well all the kids had a good night and it was nice to see out little friend again. However the weekend was less then peaceful for me when our three year old decided that she only wanted her mom to help her get into her pj’s on Saturday night, I tried to help her but it was met with screaming and yelling from the small one. I got her to her room and handed her pj’s to take to her mom and she threw them away while screaming at the top of her lungs this must have gone on for at least ten minutes before I got sick of hearing her scream and I just went to put them on her myself. Turns out that was a huge mistake as it only got the screaming louder and pissed off my SO to such a extent that she hardly talked to me for the rest of Saturday night which was fine as it gave us all some peace and quiet. Sunday came and went and the fighting between my SO and myself about the incident just went on and on and again we hardly spoke for the whole day and night, I spent last night on the couch too.. Finally today did we only start talking to each other with some sort of politeness in our voices but still that’s a whole weekend just wasted on a fucking stupid fight.

 Funny looking back on relationships and where I thought I would be by now in this one, I had hoped to be engaged at Christmas time but that plan is on hold now I think we just have too much shit we need to work out before we start to even think about marriage I mean who the fuck needs all that drama? One thing that is starting to wear on me about the past while is that my SO has two children by her first marriage, when she was 21 I believe she got her tubes tied just before she left her husband so as to prevent any mistakes. I knew that she had her tubes tied when I got together with her and it didn’t bother me at the time but now as time goes on I find myself wanting children of our own (Selfish much?)  One day we might have the money to get the operation to reverse the operation she had in the first place but that isn’t a sure thing now is it? I dunno why this is only starting to bother me now, I don’t know why that part of me is changing

 Anyway I think that’s about it for tonight, I’ll post more tomorrow since my SO is back to work tomorrow.. and hi to L;)

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Everybody’s working for the weekend!

Posted by goleafs87 on October 12, 2006

 Ah it’s Thursday and the weekend is almost here again, thank god! I just am in a horrible mood today I guess but then I think I’m allowed since ever since I opened my eyes this morning it’s been shit on Mike day around here. My SO starts things off by bitching first thing this morning about how I didn’t do this right or that right around the house, how the kids being in bad moods must somehow be my fault cause with her all is sunshine and lollipops. First class of the day today was a test and while I think I did ok on it I don’t like to do “Just ok” On tests I like to know I scored at least in the high eighty percent range and I have a bad feeling that I didn’t do that well this time. I’m feeling burnt out like I’m always needed to do six things at once and I can’t even have just two seconds alone cause god forbid someone need something around here

 I watched the movie Poseidon the night before last cause I wanted to see if it was anything like the book, man Holiwood sure changes a lot of things from the book form and it’s too bad cause it took away from the story I think. I don’t know why they would do that since the characters in the movie I personally was hoping would drown just to stop the whining that was going on on the screen whereas they characters in the book I at least actually care about what happens to them and the people in the movie are nothing like the main characters in the book so I dunno I guess the movie is very loosely inspired by the book

 I’d like to just do a thank you shout out to my friend Lisa, she’s a good listener and she’s turning into a good friend too! I feel like I know her and can relate with a lot of what she is talking about even though I’ve never actually spoken to her in person or even on the phone just wanted to say hi, so hi:P

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