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Friday’s here

Posted by goleafs87 on October 20, 2006

 Friday again how fast the time goes by. Another busy weekend this weekend I have a child’s birthday party to attend tomorrow night and I have to drop off my oldest step daughter at a sleep over tonight. Yesterday I blogged about No wrong answers at my step daughters school in grade one and how badly she was doing at spelling, I said I was expecting another low score but to my surprise she got four out of ten. Not a pass but still slowly getting there and the ones she didn’t get she was only a letter or so off or the letters where in the wrong order so maybe it’s not a lost cause yet

 I think I made a mistake last night I took OW2 that I might be getting some feelings for her and her response was basically “Oh wow” And then that was the last I heard of her for last night, I’m thinking I made a mistake cause she is in a marriage that she loves, she has kids and has no plans of leaving her H and I’m not asking her too in fact I don’t even know why I told her that. Sort of hoping that she’ll make contact with me so that I can make sure everything is ok between us.

 With events in Iraq the way they are I actually have to wonder if any Americans here are Pro Bush? Things are just such a mess over there as much as the Bush crew seem to have their heads in the sand Electoral Vote is a good site for keeping track of polls though it seems to lean Anti Bush so take it for what it is. Just watching the news this morning and watching how Iraq is going to hell in a hurry and then seeming Bush sitting there doing his “Stay the course” Speech just makes me so fucking sick and no I don’t have a plan on how to exit, I wouldn’t have gone in in the first place..

Anyway I’ll ttyl


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