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No right or wrong answers ???!!!

Posted by goleafs87 on October 19, 2006

It was a early morning today, had to get the girls up to go to the Dentist today and then had to run my oldest step daughter back to school so she could be there for at least part of the morning classes. I’m starting to worry about her a bit and how she’s doing in school I am starting to see some of the early signs of ADD I have been working with her trying to get her spelling going  but she’s just awful and while it’s horrible to say that about a child in this case it’s true, I sit there for hours with her telling her to spell a word as simple as “Fast” Or “Slab” And it’s like pulling teeth and of course the longer it goes on the more bored she gets and the more frustrated I get and her spelling tests scores reflect the lack of spelling ability and since she has another spelling test today I expect another low mark today. One thing I really object too is that this being her first year in school the teacher told the class there is no right or wrong answer when doing a test, I can’t imagine how a teacher would say that! No right or wrong answer? So if I spell “Fast” “Fosue” It’s right? What a fricking ridiculous thing to say! Especially to a group of young children who now when you try to correct them throw back at you “But dad, there is no wrong answer” Of course there is it’s called life. Wonder what my Prof would say if I had in a report in Childhood Psychology on the Great Depression when it was supposed to be on depression in children and I told him there is no wrong answer? 

 Other then that not a lot going on today really it’s kind of a blah day but now as I sit looking out my living room window I see blue sky and the sun trying to make a appearance this afternoon, looks like it might be a nice day after all. Just going to be a day of cleaning the house and doing the laundry I think since I have very little on my plate for today hell I might even get a chance to read today! Wow that would be something I haven’t done in a while

 OW2 is not able to be around today and I miss her a lot I hope she knows that I am thinking about her alot and how much I truly do miss her. I don’t know what it is about her that just knocked me off my feet so fast I wish I did so I could explain it here or hell even to myself but I have no clue where it came from. Just a while ago in the shower I got in a nice masturbation session while thinking of her and my god was it good, hardest longest orgasm I’ve had in a while!

 Anyway I’m rambling now so I’ll go ttys


2 Responses to “No right or wrong answers ???!!!”

  1. Just a thought re the ADD. My kid had problems from the first grade with learning stuff the way it was taught – because of HOW it was taught. He learns creatively and differently, is easily bored – but highly intelligent. First grade – kids are still learning what the school system expects of them, and life is often way less fun that it was before school! My son took a few years to settle in and adjust to how things were taught, but then did fine. Your daughter may need something similar – an adjustment period, as well as alternative learning skills suited to how she perceives the world.

    My son’s about to hit high school – or rather, he’s not about to. We’ve decided to look at alternative learning methods for him, so that he can really enjoy living without the frustration of the system. (Excellent book helped – “The Teen Liberation Handbook” – but very radically different to what society expects)

    Now I could have COMPLETELY the wrong end of the stick here, and if so, forgive me! 🙂 But that’s just my experience. Kids are all different. Sometimes it takes time. Don’t get too worried at this stage, or stressed out – and don’t let her either.

  2. shewalksinbeauty said

    I have been lucky enought to have a child who is an excellent student. He is almost a year younger than his other classmates, he is tha most immature kid in the class, but metally he is one of the brightest. I don’t know why. We got him into a unique public school that bases learning on doing rather than being taught. It is a parent participation, alternative school. My son loves to read and go to class. I can’t imagine the frustration of having a child who stuggles in school. I have a few friends who are teachers, and really, by the nature of our school have come to know more, but my suggestion would be to talk to the teacher. That is what they are there for. They should be able to give you some hints and tricks that could help that they are not able to do in class. 1st grade is hard. They learn so much so fast, it must be stressful for a little person.

    Be patient, be kind, be rewarding and she will come around.

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