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what is cheating?

Posted by goleafs87 on October 17, 2006

 So today I was reading a posting over at br0kenheart’s blog about cheating and what cheating is and it got me to thinking. We all have our own defined belief on what cheating is and what it is not, some would say it’s kissing someone while you are committed to someone else while others would say anything less then fucking someone else isn’t cheating. Why do we have these “Sliding scales” On what cheating is? Like I said in my comment to her posting is porn a form of cheating? If you see a guy or girl on the street you think is hot and you go home and masturbate while thinking about them cheating? And why is what’s cheating for one person not always cheating for another?

 Got laid last night finally woohoo lol kind of sad when that’s big news around these parts but god did it feel good! I had almost forgotten what it was like to slide my cock in a nice wet pussy but I suppose that’s getting to graphic for some of you isn’t it?? My SO was out last night with a friend and she came home in a good mood, she actually instigated sex and I more then happily went along with it of course, it wasn’t just fucking it was actually love making this time nice and slow and at times tender . All that good feeling is gone now as I write this though cause as we were on the way out the door to take the oldest to school my SO made some fucking comment about how I’m just coming along so that I can see this other mom at the school which actually isn’t the case at all! Fuck I hate it when she pulls this shit!

 My OW and I decided to call things off, not cause I wanted to but because she wants to be in some form of a relationship that she can feel like she is actually getting something out of it besides good sex.. I understand that and I don’t feel mad at her because of it at all just a little bummed I guess. I have my eyes on OW2 (she knows who she is) I just have to convince her that we could play around and have some fun and it will all be safe I dunno if she’d go with that though since she is in a marriage and really does love her husband and doesn’t want to fuck that up but I don’t know how she feels about me either <Sigh> Ah well I’ll add more later if anything happens


6 Responses to “what is cheating?”

  1. NothingMan said

    Ha Ha that is me….i am on OW2 in about a week..

  2. notoriousv said

    Hi there, I just found your blog through the tag surfer. (I like it!) I just started up my blog, but I think you might be interested in it. Check me out!

  3. cah1470 said

    It’s funny but any reply to “what is cheating” seems convoluted at best. Or it reads like I am justifying or something which I am just too old to do. I guess the bottom line is to make sure the people you care about are not hurt by your actions.

  4. br0kenheart said

    One thing for sure, I don’t think you should get enganged to SO if you are having feelings for WO2. That would be unfair to SO, unless she knew about her.

  5. shewalksinbeauty said

    You need to be solid with SO to get engaged. I’m sure OW2 would want you to keep her secret safe since she is married. I agree with reply #3. Just make sure the people you care about aren’t hurt by what you do.

  6. haretoday said

    Why do you want to be engaged, married? That just seems really boring. Your life is much more interesting now. If you have desires such as you appear to have for the joy of sex, the ins and outs of it if you will, then settling will give some really clear definitions of what cheating is. You will have your a new vocabulary for justifying all that you do to satisfy your needs. You could always disregard the common sense in this world and hitch yourself up to the institution just to test your limits of what cheating can become. Good luck, and whatever you do, have fun.

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