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The Sleepover club

Posted by goleafs87 on October 14, 2006

 Saturday, the day of the big sleepover is here and already I think it’s going to suck monkey’s nuts. Once again today our little one comes down stairs at four in the morning complaining that she can’t sleep. So I get kicked out of bed so she can hop in with mom, my ear is pounding and throbbing and my SO wakes up in a crappy mood cause she didn’t get any sleep, story of my life she’s more and more of the time more concerned about how things effect her then anyone else. What I need is a good orgasm, I find that really does relieve my stress level when things aren’t going well but the problem is finding the time to get a quickie in and of course the clean up after wards makes that a little less possible.

 I have no idea what I’ll be doing with the kids either today since the weather seems to have turned we were having a nice long Indian summer with temps into the high 70’s with a few 80’s but now today when I wake up it’s foggy and damp and just adds to my impending sense of doom lol. And to make things extra sucky my cell phone will no longer charge, it starts to charge and then stops and then when I take it off the charger it drops to two bars or less of battery life (It’s only about six months old) So you see when it’s not one thing it’s about ten others!

 That’s it for now I’ll see about a update later in the day


5 Responses to “The Sleepover club”

  1. shewalksinbeauty said

    How was the slumber party? Did you live to tell?

  2. brooks said

    could u give me and mt club our own website .the sleepoverclub.
    peoples names
    plz we would reall apresiate it
    from Brooks

  3. Jess said

    Whats the website for the sleepover club

  4. AnneLiie said

    i want to know, too … what the website for the soc is … (:

  5. AnneLiie said

    a bit late, … well 😀

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