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The weekend is upon us

Posted by goleafs87 on October 13, 2006

 So yesterday I said I was feeling a little run down so I decided just to get a few aches and pains looked into by the Doctor. Turns out I have a nasty ear infection in my left ear the ear drum itself is swollen she said and it’s pushing against a little bone in the ear cannel, as I said yesterday I hate being sick! I just feel blah; tired, run down, hot and cold and I have a headache. Speaking of headaches my little step daughter I guess had a nightmare and woke up screaming at four this  morning that something scared her in her room and she wouldn’t go back to sleep so I got to stay up with her which was just a ton of fun even more so now that she won’t nap and I’m totally ready to just drop.

 I came upon this site yesterday afternoon My Death Space while I was just doing some useless surfing. It’s interesting ready but at the same time sort of sick that anyone would put up such a website as this, I guess he point of view is that it’s no different then looking at obit’s in the newspaper or online. What I find interesting at looking at some of these is that even though the person is said to be dead the last logon date for some of their accounts was only in some cases a day ago, do you think they have the Internet up there? Or down there as the case maybe? Anyway just thought I’d post that since we are in the spooky season and all.

 Going to be a busy weekend this weekend around the house one of my eldest step daughters friends is sleeping over on Saturday and then I have a mid term to write on Sunday (So much for the seventh day being for rest) I just hope the friend that’s sleeping over isn’t in a bad mood like she was last time she slept over, it was whine whine whine and if I want that I have my own family lol no I really do love this little girl that’s coming over I have known her since she was just a few months old and I love her like she’s my own.

 Update: I was just looking at the MSNBC site and I came upon this story Kids taught to fight back it makes sense I guess but I don’t know if I would want my little kids to be fighting back against a guy (Or girl) With a loaded gun ready to shoot


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