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Everybody’s working for the weekend!

Posted by goleafs87 on October 12, 2006

 Ah it’s Thursday and the weekend is almost here again, thank god! I just am in a horrible mood today I guess but then I think I’m allowed since ever since I opened my eyes this morning it’s been shit on Mike day around here. My SO starts things off by bitching first thing this morning about how I didn’t do this right or that right around the house, how the kids being in bad moods must somehow be my fault cause with her all is sunshine and lollipops. First class of the day today was a test and while I think I did ok on it I don’t like to do “Just ok” On tests I like to know I scored at least in the high eighty percent range and I have a bad feeling that I didn’t do that well this time. I’m feeling burnt out like I’m always needed to do six things at once and I can’t even have just two seconds alone cause god forbid someone need something around here

 I watched the movie Poseidon the night before last cause I wanted to see if it was anything like the book, man Holiwood sure changes a lot of things from the book form and it’s too bad cause it took away from the story I think. I don’t know why they would do that since the characters in the movie I personally was hoping would drown just to stop the whining that was going on on the screen whereas they characters in the book I at least actually care about what happens to them and the people in the movie are nothing like the main characters in the book so I dunno I guess the movie is very loosely inspired by the book

 I’d like to just do a thank you shout out to my friend Lisa, she’s a good listener and she’s turning into a good friend too! I feel like I know her and can relate with a lot of what she is talking about even though I’ve never actually spoken to her in person or even on the phone just wanted to say hi, so hi:P


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