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Back to school today

Posted by goleafs87 on October 11, 2006

 So it’s back to normal now I guess you could say.. Starting to feel back in the grove after having a nice long weekend off I mean they are nice but it seems to take me a while to get back on track once the weekend is over

 Not a whole lot going on right now though I was awake at five in the morning cause I couldn’t sleep, tried to get my SO into sex last night but as is normally the case she was too tired or just didn’t feel like it either way I didn’t get any. Guess that could be why I woke up early this morning I was having a pretty erotic dream and some girl I didn’t know, or see for that matter was giving me the best BJ of my life! I was seconds away from the promised land and then I woke up! Can’t even cum in my dreams lol.

 I feel kinda run down today I hope I’m not going to get sick, there is a nasty cold going around here and a lot of people are away sick. I hate being sick personally I just feel gross and I get all grumpy and it’s just not a fun time all around.. Running out of things to talk about right now so if something comes to mind later I’ll post, otherwise I’ll see you tomorrow, have to get the little one off to Preschool


One Response to “Back to school today”

  1. shewalksinbeauty said

    Buck up buttercup!
    School is rough…I went to college for 7 YEARS!!!! It will drain you. Keep your dreams going, they may just get you through.

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