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Hi all

Posted by goleafs87 on October 7, 2006

Hi all and welcome to my little section of the cyber space world! My name is Mike and I’m a nineteen year old University student working on my early childhood education degree at a local university.

I’m just your normal everyday kinda guy I suppose but like everyone I have some things that I need to work out lol (That’s a understatement) Lets see I have a girl friend who I have been with for just over a year now but I have a problem, you see I also have a mistress, it wasn’t planned and it’ s not even anything on a physical level it’s all done by phone. But dammit this other girl is just so hot! I mean I’m normally a fairly in control kind of guy so when I met this girl and she took control and made me beg and moan it was like a instant connection, she makes me do thinks my g.f never has and would never do.. Go ahead, call me evil if you must. But I can’t help it this other girl just has me so hooked I’m helpless! And if it’s all done via the phone is it really cheating?


One Response to “Hi all”

  1. shewalksinbeauty said

    I feel your pain…feel free to read my story!
    You have youth on your side and as far as my experience has taught me, there are so many things you just can’t control. Physiologically, emotionally, or otherwise. I’ll check back.

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